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Rugs 23/03/2020

6 places in your home that you can place rugs

A home is incomplete without a rug. Brighten it up and provide comfort and warmth in your home. Shop now!

6 places in your home that you can place rugs

Rugs are an essential styling piece when decorating the interior of your home, but where do you place them?

While there are certain designated areas for placing rugs like by the side of your bed, there are other unique places where they suit. So, we thought we’d share with you the 6 places in your home where you can place rugs to add the cosiness and texture to the interiors. Let’s have a look:


The entrance to the inside of your home should be the most inviting out of the entire home. Placing a rug there will resonate the general aesthetic of the interior, which will make your guests feel welcomed with warmth. Choose one that matches your style and your standard of living.

Living Room

A rug placed in your living room can put life into space and change the entire feel and look of the space. There are a wide range of shaggy, traditional, runner and modern rugs available at Western Distributors which can bring life into your living room.


A bedroom is your sanctuary, a place to unwind. You can choose to have a rug around the bed or at the foot of the bed to give it a royal feeling. After all, you deserve to lead a magnificent life within your castle.

Dining Area

Save your dining area from the drags and clatters with a rug. It’s the new trend to add a rug under your dining table which adds character and personality to your dining area.


Hallways have a tendency to look dull and boring. A rug will brighten up your space and allow you to experiment with the interior styles so that you can make a boring/dull hallway exciting again.

Wrapping up!

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