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Does western distributors stock mosaic tiles that are safe to use in pools?

Western Distributors believe that beautiful and durable tiles are the finishing touch needed to make your pool unique and memorable and yes we stock mosaic tiles as they are safe and waterproof for use in the pools. Mosaic tiles come in sheets and are easy to install around the sides or the bottom of the pool. Made of glass or porcelain we stock a great variety of patterns, colours and textures and even have pictured mosaic tiles to suit your individual needs.

What sizes does the mosaic tile come in?

Mosaic tiles are two inches in size or less, however, they are often sold in sheets of 300×300 in size in square tile lie format. Each sheet is made up a large number of these small tiles attached to a mesh backing. This makes installation much easier. Instead of having to set and space each individual little tile, the sheets have proper spacing and a large number of tiles can be installed at once. The mosaic tile sheet can be cut to fit the shapes needed to fit the project. There are also individual mosaic tiles available.

How to choose the right grout colour for mosaic tiles?

Grout on a tiled surface is used to prevent water from penetrating behind the tile and weakening the backer and the structure beneath. However, in mosaic tiles, the grout also has a visual function. The grout unites the mosaic and highlights the layout of the tiles. So when choosing the colour of the grout for the mosaic tiles keep in mind that it should contrast with the tiles. If the colour of the grout blends in with the tiles the individual tiles will be lost and the mosaic will look more like a picture. As a general rule, white grout complements lighter tones so should be used for pale mosaics, but when used with bright coloured mosaic it will produce a Mediterranean effect. Dark grout unifies darker coloured tessera and segregates lighter ones. Grey grout enhances most coloured mosaics and has the most unifying effect of all coloured grouts.