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Are carpet tiles best suited for commercial properties or can I use it for a domestic property?

We have a huge range of commercial carpets tiles from Australian leading manufactures such as Godfrey Hirst, Feltex, EC Carpets and Victoria Carpets just to name a few. Including a large range of discontinued commercial carpet tiles and factory seconds for you to select from. Carpet tiles can be used for commercial and domestic use if you so choose to.

How practical are carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are a stylish and modern alternative to the broadloom and have been used in commercial properties since inception but now are gaining popularity for residential properties too. Carpet tiles are low on cost, easy to install and maintain, durable and the colour and pattern options are endless. Carpet tiles are used as an alternative to a wall to wall carpet in almost any commercial or residential property. With installing carpet tiles you save your time and money, you get design flexibility, it adds warmth, comfort and has acoustic qualities.