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How to choose the right rug for your space?

The elegance of a beautiful rug can add personality and warmth to any room. There are many different styles, colours and materials available which make it difficult to choose the right one. The two most important factors to consider when choosing your rug would be the size and the style. The first step would be to measure the room space to determine what size rug you would like. The most common sizes in rugs are 1600x2300mm, 2000x2900mm and 2400x3300mm.
Once you have determined which size would be best suited it is then time to determine the kind of colours and patterns which would most enhance the area. For example a rug with a dark rich colour creates a more intimate space and will hide stains and dirt whereas a light rug will make a small space appear larger.

Do you offer delivery for your rugs?

Yes we do offer delivery for our rugs. Delivery charges do apply and the cost of each delivery depends on where the rug is being delivered too. However wherever possible, our dedicated team of friendly experts in Melbourne will be more than happy to safely fit the rug in your car for a safe drive home.

What is the regular maintenance required for rugs?

There has been a surge in popularity in the purchase of rugs in recent times due to the influx of hard surface flooring. If you have made such a purchase, then you might be wondering how to maintain the rug to keep it looking new and last longer.You should vacuum the rug on a weekly basis depending upon the level of foot traffic just like you would do for carpet. Just a word of caution when vacuuming; some of the more new, powerful vacuums with the rotating brushes can cause damage to any kind of rug. Always use a gentler vacuum head where possible.When spots or spills occur, immediately blot up the excess and dilute the area with water and continue blotting. For tough stains it would be wise to use a recommended cleaning solution. Where possible you can always rotate the rugs once or twice per year to evenly distribute the wear of the rug and placing a rug protector underneath the rug can not only make the rug more comfortable to walk on, but can also protect your floor underneath.