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Is timber flooring more durable than laminate flooring?

Engineered timber is taken care of properly can last for 20 plus years and in some cases can be sanded and refinished if damaged. However being a natural product it is more prone to scratches and dints than its laminate counterpart. Nonetheless, timber floors are still very easy to maintain if the proper maintenance and care is taken and their structural stability means that you will get to enjoy the beauty of timber for many, many years.

Why should you choose timber flooring over laminate or vinyl flooring?

The best part of choosing a timber floor over a laminate or vinyl is its striking beauty. Timber flooring instills warmth, depth and improves the aesthetics of the room far more than a laminate of vinyl floor can. And if taken care of correctly, there is no reason as to why your timber floor won’t last you more than 20 years.

Does timber flooring need any maintenance?

Yes, timber flooring needs maintenance and proper care for its longevity. But don’t worry, it is easy to maintain. You need to sweep the flooring with a soft bristled broom or dust with a microfiber mop. We suggest to place mats inside and outside external doors to trap grit and remove moisture from shoes and make sure to remove spills immediately and spot clean the area. Another great idea is to install timber floor guards on the base of all furniture legs and add rugs in high traffic areas.