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Are all adhesive the same?

The adhesive is used to hold the tiles to the setting bed. Typically there are two major types organic mastic and thin set adhesive. Organic mastic is made either with latex or petroleum and is ready to use while the thin set adhesive is powdered and needs to be mixed with a liquid before using. The organic mastic is convenient to use, however, thin set have a higher bond strength as well as weight-bearing strength. Other types of adhesives are flexible adhesive, heat-resistant and water-proof which can be used according to your needs.

What is the best adhesive to use for particular tiles?

Selecting a good tile adhesive is as important as selecting the right type of tiles for a particular project. However, before you choose the adhesive consider whether the tile will be applied indoors or outdoors, to the walls or floor and in a wet or dry area. Powdered adhesive known as thin set is suitable for floor tiles as it has a stronger bond and can handle more weight. Ready to use known as organic mastic is great for wall tiles because it starts to hold the tile even before they cure so no risk of slipping, it can also be used for floor tiles. Cement based adhesives are ideal for use on porcelain and low water absorptive tiles, like marble, granite, glass mosaic, stoneware and ceramic tiles.

Can I stick my new tiles down to an existing floor ceramic tile?

Yes, it can be done, but you need to consider a few things. You need to look at the condition of existing tiles whether they are worn out, damaged by humidity, have uneven areas or cavities. After inspecting the existing tiles if there are no cavities and they are well-laid, you can lay the new tiles. As the existing tiles lay the foundation for new tiles it is imperative to check them and thoroughly remove any grease, oil or wax buildup and sand the tiles for adhesive to properly adhere. Tiling over existing floor ceramic tiles also means that floor will be raised and you would need to adjust the doors, knobs, kitchen appliances, storage units and other furniture.