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Do you offer delivery for your rugs?

Yes we do offer delivery for our rugs. Delivery charges do apply and the cost of each delivery depends on where the rug is being delivered too. However wherever possible, our dedicated team of friendly experts will be more than happy to safely fit the rug in your car for a safe drive home.

How do I clean a shaggy rug?

Shaggy rugs are the ones that have a deep, thick pile giving the rug a shaggy appearance hence the name. The pile is usually made of strands of yarn or upright loops and while very popular in the 70’s they are now surging to popularity again thanks to new materials and manufacturing techniques leading to a softer and more durable shaggy rug. Many people have turned to shaggy rugs out of nostalgia, while others just love the feel of soft shag. To all of us at Western Distributors, a shaggy rug will never go out of style!