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Carpet 08/05/2019

The Hidden Health Benefit Of Installing Timber Flooring In Your Melbourne Home

Tired of allergies and poor quality air hampering your breathing? Here’s how installing timber flooring in your Melbourne home could help you breathe easier.

The Hidden Health Benefit Of Installing Timber Flooring In Your Melbourne Home

Summer is over, and winter is around the corner. For allergy sufferers, this is good news because less pollen in the air means easier breathing. If you start sneezing or coughing after the temperatures have plummeted, you’ll probably assume that a common cold is to blame. As it turns out, it could be that your winter allergies are responsible – and your home might be filled with invisible irritants making your allergies worse. If you’re battling with sinus and breathing issues, it could be your floors that are making things worse. Keep reading to see why swapping out your carpets for timber flooring could relieve your symptoms.

Carpets have undeniable appeal in the cold months. They’re warm and cozy and feel better underfoot. However, your carpet could also harbor dust mites, which tend to breed in the months leading up to winter after prolonged wet weather. Not only do they make their home in your carpet, but around the house. As windows are kept closed in winter, mold and mildew can develop due to lack of ventilation, and if you have pets, you can add their dander to the air as well. It’s no wonder why so many people mistake an allergy flare-up for flu!

Replacing Your Flooring

If a visit to your GP has ruled out a cold or more serious infection, you’ll likely be prescribed medication to manage your symptoms. While this will help, it isn’t a long term solution. What you need to do is to eliminate allergens from the air and keep them from getting trapped in the first place. For this, you should consider investing in wooden flooring.

Why Wooden Flooring?

Adding engineered timber, bamboo, laminate or waterproof flooring to your Melbourne home will help cut down on airborne allergens as well as circulating mold and dust. Investing in these types of floors will allow any dust, pet fur, and dirt to be either swept or vacuumed away. With nowhere for irritants to collect and accumulate, your home’s air will immediately become easier to breathe.

There are many reasons to invest in floating floors. Yes, it’s better for your breathing, but it’s also low maintenance and looks good installed in any Melbourne home. If you think this is an option that might suit your family, contact Western Distributors today to discuss your options.

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