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Floorboards 01/12/2019

How To Keep Your Timber Flooring Clean And Long Lasting

Are you interested in installing timber floors but are not sure how easy it will be to keep them clean? We can give you three amazing tips to clean your floor effectively.

How To Keep Your Timber Flooring Clean And Long Lasting

Timber flooring provides an earthy yet warm feeling to your home. Not only are they durable but with the right care, your timber floors can last for decades. Installing timber floors into your home can bring you a host of benefits, but once you have them, you must take proper, professional care of them. There are a variety of timber types used for indoor floors, but the method to clean them remains the same. Before you decide to install timber flooring in Melbourne, here are a few tips on how to take proper care of them so that they remain in immaculate condition.

Use a Dust Mop To Clean

Use a dust mop or a vacuum cleaner to clear dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris that can leave a scratch on the floor. Its not recommended to use a vacuum that includes a bar attachment though, as this attachment can damage the floor quite badly. A floor brush attachment will work much better to clean the floor without causing any damage. Cleaning the floor can be done as frequently as every two days if there are children and pets in the home, or just once a week if there are fewer people in the house.

Choose A Suitable Liquid Cleaner

A dust mop and vacuum cleaner can’t remove stubborn stains such as grime that have built-up over time, so you will have to rely on commercial wood-cleaning liquid products. Our recommendation is to ensure that you use a liquid cleaning product that has been formulated especially for use on a timber floor. Do not neglect to read the instructions to avoid using too much liquid soap.Be careful not to put more liquid than is necessary on the floor.

Prevent Dirt And Damage To Your Floors.

To prevent any damage to your clean floors, you can put rugs down inside and mats outside exterior doors. This will cut down on the moisture and dirt tracked in by family, friends and pets. Floor protectors should be placed under your furniture to protect your floor from scratches. An alternative to floor protectors is to place a rug down under the furniture and in areas where there is high foot traffic.

Now that you understand a bit about how to keep your timber flooring clean, you can visit Western Distributors and shop for the latest in all things timber. Come visit our website or store, and you can find the most suitable timber flooring for your home.

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