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Carpet 01/07/2019

Have You Considered The Benefits Of Carpet Tiles As A Flooring Option?

Your carpets don’t have to be boring or bland. Try to apply these fresh, bold and exciting carpeting trends in your home or business for a great new look this year.

Have You Considered The Benefits Of Carpet Tiles As A Flooring Option?

When considering carpet as a flooring option, most people only think about the wall-to-wall carpet variety, and the complications that accompany this type of carpeting put people off choosing this option. If you fall into this group, you should know that carpet tiles offer a wealth of benefits and overcome some of the difficulties that accompany full-length carpet installation. Here are a few advantages that come with choosing it.

Carpet Tiles Are Easy To Install

Carpet tiles are easy to install, and can also be done as a DIY project. They don’t require complicated cutting, even for irregularly shaped spaces. Using carpet tiles means you can avoid having to transport large rolls of carpet upstairs or around tight corners.

Carpet Tiles Are Easy To Maintain And Replace

There’s nothing worse than damaging or staining a wall-to-wall carpet. You either have to rip out the entire carpet or find ways to cover the damaged spot. With carpet tiles, you can remove the problem tile and replace it with another, making your space as good as new.

Carpet Tiles Are Versatile & Customisable

Not only do carpet tiles come in various patterns and colors, but you can also mix and match sets to create endless style possibilities. You can craft a custom design that is exclusive to you or lay the tiles in different ways to achieve a creative and eye-catching look.

Carpet Tiles Are Durable

Carpet tiles are quite durable and resistant to wear. Again, you can replace a single tile should damage occur. They’re suitable for use in both residential and commercial properties. They’re also safer and healthier as most carpet tiles have fire resistant properties and a reduced risk of trapping allergies and dust when compared to wall-to-wall carpets.

Carpet Tiles Are Affordable

As a flooring option, carpet tiles are a relatively cost-effective choice. There is a wide range of types to choose from to meet your budget and taste. You also don’t have the kind of wastage that comes with other flooring methods, so you only pay for what you need.

Western Distributors partner with the best carpet brands in Australia, and we can help outfit your Melbourne office or home with quality carpet tiles. Whether you’re interested in this option or would prefer a textured, quest or luxury carpet, we can assist you.

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