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Rugs 15/08/2019

Five Trendy Ideas For Floor Rugs In Your Melbourne Home

There’s no need to keep those old, worn floor rugs in your Melbourne home. Western Distributors has a range of trendy rugs to choose from, so call us today.

Five Trendy Ideas For Floor Rugs In Your Melbourne Home

Choosing the perfect furniture and decor for your house is never an easy task. Just like us, our homes have multiple layers through which their unique character can be expressed. While it may be tempting to focus on large items, such as beds, cupboards, and couches, it’s the subtle details that make all the difference. For instance, how much thought do you put into selecting floor rugs for your Melbourne home? There are many ways you could approach this question, such as looking into what’s trending in the world of floors and rugs. In this blog, we share some of our favourite trends as we head into a new season.

Trend #1: Morrocan Textiles Bring A Cultured Feel Into The Home

Who said you have to book a plane ticket to experience the best that the world has to offer? Incorporate the adventure of a cross-continental trip into your home with a bold Morrocan print across your living room floor. Though we don’t recommend to lay rug on rug, as its a trip hazard.

Trend #2: Turn Your Floor Into A Warm, Shaggy Hug

Remember your favourite, shaggy teddy bear? Upscale rugs made with a shaggy finish are totally in right now. Go for a beige or white or something bright to create an inviting space for family time or entertaining.

Trend #3: Find A Non-Traditional Spot To Place A Rug In

Living areas aren’t the only places that need some rug love. Kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms can benefit from having rugs too. Take a walk around your house and decide where you can add a rug for warmth and character.

Trend #4: Play Around With Texture

Repurposed textiles can be sewn together to create a crafty, trendy rug. Aim for high-end materials such as leather and go for a clean stitch.

Giving your Melbourne home a facelift can mean something as simple as switching up your runners or rugs. You don’t have to commit to a massive renovation if you’re not ready. Changing or adding a rug or runner can make a huge statement and change the overall feel and look of your home. Dare to dream and allow yourself a reno without the cost.

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