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Tiles 08/07/2019

How To Choose Your Bathroom Tiles

Looking for bathroom tiles in Melbourne? Western Distributors have put together a few helpful tips on how to choose your bathroom tiles.

How To Choose Your Bathroom Tiles

Although choosing the ideal bathroom tiles is what most people consider when renovating their bathroom, you need to consider other determining factors before you make your purchase. Western Distributors, your Number one supplier of bathroom tiles in Melbourne, have a list of tips that you should refer to before making your final choice.

1. Your Bathroom Fit.

Have you considered if your tile choice will fit in with the rest of your house? Most people renovate their bathroom based on inspiration without thinking about its cohesiveness. If your house is neutral toned, choosing a loud colour in your bathroom may be jarring. A minimalist bathroom won’t suit a maximalist home because they’re conflicting styles.

2. Size Is Important

Your tile size should be in proportion with your floor/wall space. Buying larger sized tiles to fit your small floor is probably more cost-effective if you think that it will make the bathroom look bigger, but it will have the opposite effect. Smaller tiles can often make a large floor look too busy, but if used in a small space can create a lengthened appearance.

3. Keep The Grout In Mind

You should think about grout as an addition to the overall look of your bathroom tiles, rather than just an applicator to keep them secure. It adds durability to your tiles but should complement your tile colour and pattern too. If your tiles are bright, buying a charcoal grout will dampen the look you want to achieve. Don’t think of grout as a secondary purchase.

4. Set A Budget

What’s your budget for your bathroom renovation and does that include sourcing your bathroom tile? It’s disappointing to find the perfect tile only to discover how expensive it is. By setting a budget beforehand, you’ll gravitate towards tiles within your price range. A budget shouldn’t mean settling for the most affordable flooring just because it’s lighter on your wallet – compare prices and look for styles that may be cheaper than the original.

Before you start searching for Melbourne bathroom tile suppliers, think about the overall look that you want to achieve. Will your bathroom tiling renovation enhance your house? Have you thought about the sizing and how the grout will look against your tile? And most importantly, can you afford your tile? For more advice, contact Western Distributors today.

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