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Carpet 18/10/2019

The Benefits Of Carpet Flooring In Your Melbourne Property

Are you considering redoing your floors? Here are some of the benefits of carpet flooring. If you’re in Melbourne, visit our showroom!

The Benefits Of Carpet Flooring In Your Melbourne Property

With such a vast array of options when it comes to floor covering, you may be a little stumped over what would be the best solution for your needs. Whether residential or commercial, carpet flooring can be the ideal option – here’s why:

They’re warm

Carpets are excellent as floor insulation, which helps retain heat during those cold winter months. This also means cutting down costs in terms of the need for heating devices. While all carpets insulate well, the thicker the carpet, the better it will retain warmth in a room.

They’re quiet

Hard surface floors tend to create a lot of noise and sound echoing off the walls bounce around a lot. Carpets absorb sound exceptionally well, making for a more peaceful, less obtrusive environment.

They’re safe

With hard flooring, you are far more likely to slip and injure yourself, while dropping something on a hard floor almost certainly means it will break or be damaged. Carpets act as a great buffer to reduce damage or injury, should something happen.

They’re stylish

Whatever your interior design preferences and colour scheme may be, the right carpet can transform a room into a den of opulence or a haven of comfort. Carpets lay the foundation, so to speak, upon which the rest of your décor is constructed and arranged.

They’re varied

Carpets are available in a vast range of styles, colours, textures and thicknessese, which means you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the right one.

They’re comfortable

A plush carpet is very inviting, and we all know how sitting or lying on a carpet can be quite soothing. If you’re playing with your kids, pets, or just lazing in front of the television, doing it on a carpeted floor is by far the most comfortable.

They’re healthy

Contrary to old beliefs, carpets are actually great for people who suffer from allergies or just to keep dust, allergens and other potentially harmful elements from circulating in the air and being inhaled. Properly maintained and cleaned carpets will capture dirt and readily release it during a spring clean.

If you’re looking for carpet ideas and inspiration, visit us at our Melbourne showroom – we have a massive selection of flooring solutions to cater to every requirement and preference.

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