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Rugs 19/10/2021

Pet-friendly rugs: What should be kept in mind?

Do you have pets in the house? Looking for a pet-friendly floor rug? Here’s a list we have created.

Pet-friendly rugs: What should be kept in mind?

Are you torn between your pets and your modern rug? Don’t worry, we have got some good news. You might wonder that having pets means sacrificing the style of the rug for functionality. However, that’s not the truth. You can have both, style as well as functionality.

Choosing a pet-friendly rug for your lifestyle may seem challenging, but we are here to help you navigate. Before we start, let’s find out:

What makes a rug pet-friendly?

Pets and rugs may not be the best combination, but you can make them work together. Make sure the rug you choose adheres to the following criteria:

  • Hardwearing – The rug should be tough enough to take all the wear and tear of your pet.
  • Easy to clean – Pets leave their hair and muddy paw prints all over the rugs, so choose an easy-to-clean rug.
  • Low pile – Make sure you have a low pile rug to resist the damage caused by your pet’s nails and teeth.
  • Affordability – Your pet-friendly rugs shouldn’t break your budget.

What types of rugs aren’t pet-friendly?

Have an idea about your pet-friendly rug? Here’s a list of rug styles and types you should avoid if you have pets in the house.

Shag rugs

Everyone loves shag floor rugs, but they aren’t pet-friendly. They may feel comfortable under bare feet, but it’s the high pile nature that helps them trap dirt and dust quite easily. In simpler words, shag rugs are tougher to clean and maintain than low-pile styles. Plus, these rugs are easier for pets to damage with their teeth or claws.

Sisal rugs

While sisal rugs are extremely popular among Australian homeowners, they also tend to be absorbent. Therefore, it’s quite a hassle to clean them whenever your pet creates a mess. Also, it’s hard to pull the dirt out of sisal rugs and carpets.

High pile rugs

High pile rugs are some of the most comfortable flooring options, but they have some cons. Just like shag rugs, high-pile rugs come with a loose weave, allowing hair and dirt to get lodged into the gaps of the rug. Not only are these rugs prone to hair and dirt, but they are also hard to clean.

Loop pile rugs

You may ask, what is a loop pile rug? It is a rug with piles that aren’t cut after the construction, forming loops on the ends of the rug. Loop pile carpets are super plush but aren’t suitable for your pet as their nails may cause damage.

Vintage rugs

It goes without saying that classic or vintage rugs should be kept away from pets. This is because these are intricately made rugs that are extremely delicate in nature. They should be kept in dry places, away from your pets.

The most pet-friendly rugs for your home

Once you know what to steer clear of, it’s time to find the perfect rug for your pets. Here are some good options to choose from.

Wool rugs

Wool isn’t just cosy and comfy; it is highly durable too, making it a pet-friendly material for rugs and carpets. Wool fibres are flexible and don’t lose their shape easily. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Wool is not only resistant to stains but also super easy to clean. All you need is a vacuum cleaner or a brush to take care of your wool rug. Make sure to pay close attention to the weave and piles of the wool rug.

Synthetic rugs

Nylon and polypropylene are popular for their durability and ease of cleaning. They are the two most popular synthetic rugs out there in the Australian flooring market, with stain and odour-resistant properties. Plus, your pets won’t be able to easily chew these synthetic rugs.

Dhurrie rugs

Another pet-friendly rug type is hand-woven dhurries, often known as horse blankets. These are flatweave rugs that have been a traditional choice for pets. Dhurries are lightweight and can be folded without any permanent creasing. Also, you can carry them anywhere you want.

Jute rugs

As a natural dried plant fibre, jute is an amazing option for pet-friendly rugs. It is highly durable, fairly easy to clean and practically suitable for any room whether it’s indoor or outdoor. On top of everything, jute rugs don’t wear off easily.

Outdoor/indoor rugs

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly rug that is highly durable, consider investing in the one which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses. Such rugs are weather-resistant and easy to clean, making them perfect as a pet-friendly option.

Important things to keep in mind 

Now that you know about the most pet-friendly rugs for your space, here are a few important things and tips to consider.

  • Choose your rug pattern strategically – Traditional or abstract rug styles are the best to conceal lingering stains.
  • Coordinate colours – Try to choose a colour that is in the same category as the colour of your pet.
  • Use a rug pad – To protect both your rug and your floor, use a rug pad.
  • Deal with accidents ASAP – The moment you see a mess on your rugs, clean it up as soon as you can.
  • Vacuum regularly – This is a no-brainer yet the best method to get rid of fur, dirt and dust.

Final words

If your heart is set on any rug style or type mentioned above, go for it! Keep in mind that no rug is entirely pet-proof, so chewing and scratching can still damage your rugs and carpets. The best advice is to keep your pets groomed and their nails trimmed.

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