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Tiles 06/10/2022

Outdoor tiles: 8 great ways to upgrade your exteriors

Are you looking for flooring solutions for your outdoor space? Get to know about the best ways to plan your outdoor space with tiles!

Outdoor tiles: 8 great ways to upgrade your exteriors

Just like indoors, outdoor areas of your home are equally important and integral for the overall look of the property. Hence, it is crucial to give them some “much-needed” attention while designing the floor of these often overlooked areas.

Ideally speaking, the design and décor of the outdoor space should be in sync with the interior in such a way that both areas nicely reflect the overall look of the house. And when flooring the exterior area, consider installing external tiles.

Outdoor tiles are gaining in popularity amongst Aussies who desire to create eye-catching outdoor spaces. These tiles come in a wide range of options and are an excellent way to transform the aesthetic of outdoors. In addition to that, they are also ideal for overhauling any space you desire.

Here is a low-down on different ways in which you can use outdoor tiles to make your garden, patio and surrounding areas simply breath-taking.

Bringing the indoors outside

Using indoor-outdoor tiles is a popular flooring trend these days. These tiles create a cohesive and inclusive space. A simple rule of thumb is to match your outdoor tiles with the indoor tiles, which will cause the interiors to flow to the exteriors in a seamless way.

Choosing to install stepping stones

Create a path using stepping stones and add that “wow factor” to your garden and patio. These stones are a great way to create a modern and rustic outdoor. You can choose anything from pebbles and gravel to grass and natural stone tiles. Consider wood-effect tiles to achieve a natural or rustic look.

Embracing dark tones and aesthetics

If you want to make your outdoor the envy of your neighbours, then you shouldn’t be afraid of installing dark floor tiles that have a striking look. These tiles will nicely blend with bright and sunny areas to give you an inviting feeling. Be sure to match dark tiles with some green plants, spotlights and wood panels.

Using patterned and textured tiles

Get creative with your exterior space by integrating it with patterned paving tiles. Choose textured tiles that will not only add an extra dimension to your space, but also provide a little grip during wet and snowy days. Go for something with a sophisticated finish. Here, large outdoor tiles could be the right pick.

Going natural and bold

The beauty of natural stone tiles is unbeatable due to their subtle rustic tones. When laid on the patio floor, they add texture, warmth and boldness to the space. What else makes natural stone tiles a great pick is that they are highly resistant to rough weather conditions, such as dirt, hails, sun exposure, etc. Plus, they come with natural grain patterns that look “simply extraordinary.”

Installing wooden tiles in balconies

Bored of your balcony? You can modify it with wooden floor tiles that look simple yet elegant. Or you can choose wood finish tiles that are durable and can withstand different weather conditions. Consider laying these tiles on open-sky balconies, so they can complement perfectly with the outdoor and blend with the surrounding greenery. This also applies to wall tiles.

Prioritising slip-resistant tiles

Safety should be your top priority when picking outdoor tiles. In any scenario, you must not ignore the slip resistance and texture of the tiles you are going to choose. These tiles are often exposed to moisture and can lead to slips and falls. To prevent accidents, choose outdoor tiles that have rough textures to keep everyone safe and sound.

Taking the classic route

When you are in doubt and don’t want something “extraordinary,” take the classic route. Stick to the stone-looking floor tiles that can never go out of style. They will always complement the exterior space no matter where you choose to install them, be it a patio, garden or pathway.

In closing

For timeless and charming outdoor spaces, install natural stone tiles. You can also go with porcelain floor tiles for your garden and patio areas. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s slip-resistant, durable and easy to maintain. If you have any questions regarding the same, send us an enquiry today.

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