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Tiles 28/02/2019

Porcelain Tiles for Outdoors

Our hot Summer is nearly over so now is the time to be planning your outdoor spaces in readiness for next Summer.

Porcelain Tiles for Outdoors

If you haven’t heard about our outdoor porcelain tiles in Melbourne, be amazed with our extensive stocked range. We all know the popularity of the hard-wearing indoor porcelain tile, especially those that imitate concrete, stone and wood, this range of 10-12mm thick porcelain tiles are perfectly suitable for external areas provided they are adhered on a pre-prepared, solid concrete base and fixed with one of our premium cement-based adhesives. Hard landscaping is an essential element of an outdoor space and our 20mm thick outdoor porcelain tiles are weighty enough to be fixed onto a wet mortar bed and in certain cases directly on crushed rock and sand. There is also a growing trend to continue the exact same flooring from inside to out. At Western Distributors we have an extensive range to choose from so you can achieve that element of a flowing indoor-outdoor space.

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