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Rugs 08/05/2023

Learn how to identify high-quality rugs in Melbourne

If you’re searching for high-quality rugs in Melbourne, all the options available can be overwhelming. Read on to learn how to identify the best-quality rug for your space.

Learn how to identify high-quality rugs in Melbourne

Rugs, rugs and more rugs! You all know that finding the best rug for your space can be challenging, especially when you’re hunting for the best-quality rugs in Melbourne. But, fret not! The Western Distributors team is here to offer you the ultimate guide to identifying high-quality residential rugs in Melbourne.

Tips to tell a cheap rug from a good-quality rug.

When choosing the right carpet for your home, you must consider its size, material, pile count, knots and how it fits your décor. Let’s understand everything in detail.

1. Check the rug material

Area rugs are made of a lot of different materials. So, when shopping online, don’t just look for the carpet with the cutest pattern. Instead, it would be best to investigate what the area rug is constructed of. You can choose between synthetic and natural materials for your carpets.

For instance, jute rugs are natural and used on porches or patios. However, these rugs are warm and need to insulate better. On the other hand, synthetic rug materials are durable, inexpensive and easy to clean. The problem with synthetic materials is that they have a chemical smell after being shipped from the factory.

2. Know how the rug is made

Whether handmade, flat-weave or machine-made, know how the rug is made. This will help you determine the area rug’s quality and cost. Handmade or knotted rugs are the best in quality of all rug-making styles. They take much longer time than other styles.

The flat-weaving technique consists of a loom where the yarn fibres are woven to weave the rug. At the same time, the threads are pushed through the handmade rug using a hand tool. Machine-made rugs take less time to make and lack the character of hand-knotted rugs. They have a shorter lifespan than handmade rugs.

3. Consider the dyes used

Back in the day, dyes were made from objects found in the environment. This may include flowers, trees and bugs. However, that’s not the case these days. Synthetic dyes have replaced natural dyes as they are easier to use and cost less.

Both dyes have their pros and cons, so the choice is yours. Consider the cost, sustainability, safety and intensity of the paint. You can opt for natural dyes to ensure a glow that synthetic dyes lack. But these dyes will be costly.

4. Look for the line and needle count

Line count is simply the number of knots per square inch. As its number goes up, so does the rug quality. For example, rugs with greater than 200 knots per square inch are high in quality. They are typically handmade, expensive and durable.

Needle count is another aspect to remember when searching for rugs. The number of loops of fibres makes up an area rug. The higher the number is, the longer the rug will last.

5. Check the overall appearance

If your rug is cheap in quality, you can tell this by looking at it. Analyse the overall condition, pattern and appearance of the rug. Irregularities and roughness are red signals. Also, if you notice uneven dimensions and bumpy sides, you can tell that the area rug is not worth buying.

This usually happens when the area rug is made quickly using low-quality materials and techniques. You will also see that these rugs looked washed out just before being placed in showrooms.

6. Don’t forget the type of pile used

The pile will help you define how deep the rug fibres are. While low-pile indicated stiffer and less plush rugs, high-pile rugs mean the fibres are soft and long. Low-pile rugs are typically easier to keep clean, but deep-pile rugs are best for people who like to lie on the floor.

Are you looking for high-quality rugs in Melbourne?

Whether you’re searching for classic, runner, shaggy or modern rugs in Melbourne, look no further! Western Distributors is proud to offer a wide selection of quality rugs perfect for any decor. From cool tones to vibrant colours, we have them all!

Feel free to browse our rug selection.

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