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Tiles 23/01/2020

Learn how to clean your ceramic and porcelain tile floors

Want to learn tile floor cleaning process in the simplest way? We have some advice for you to make your cleaning process easy. Learn these tips & let your tile floors shine bright.

Learn how to clean your ceramic and porcelain tile floors

Whether ceramic or porcelain, tiles are a great product, and they are very easy to clean and maintain. Normally, it requires very little time and effort to keep them clean.

Ceramic & porcelain tiles are incredibly durable and require very little special care.

Through this article, we will address – how to clean your tile floors and how often your floors need to be cleaned. So, let’s begin the simple process:

1. Clean Up Loose Debris

First, sweep or vacuum dirt, dust or loose debris from the floor. Use a soft & dry mop to clean because it will prevent dirt from scratching your tiles. Ceramic & porcelain tiles may be resistant to dirt, but sand and grit can dull their glazed surface. So, it’s better to perform this process regularly to prevent the tiles from getting dull.

2. Use the Right Floor Detergent & Mop

Clean tiles with mild tile-suited detergent & clean water, using a rag or mop. Rag and chamois-style mops are best for cleaning recycled glass tile. Be sure to frequently change the water while mopping the tile floors! If you don’t, it leads to a cloudy film formation on the floor.

3. Watch for Soap Residue

If your tiles look blurred or discoloured even after cleaning, it might be due to soapy residue. Use the right cleaner to remove it. A nonabrasive cleaner is the best option for removing soap residue. Also, swap out your cleaning mix regularly so you don’t end up with discolouration of tiles.

4. Dry Tiles

Don’t air-dry your floors because the sitting water will form water spots. Take care of that by drying the floor with a clean cloth immediately after washing. Use a towel or a dry mop to ensure a nice shiny finish of your ceramic & polished tiles.

To keep your tiles clean and residue-free, we recommend dry cleaning. Sweep or vacuum at least once a week or whenever you can see debris. When it comes to wet cleaning, our experts recommend it once every two weeks! Mopping the tile floor in your kitchen and bathroom once a week will help with better cleansing.

Cleaning your ceramic & polished tiles is quite easy as compared to other floors! It requires very little time & effort and saves you from all the hassle.

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