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Carpet 17/08/2023

How to choose a kid-friendly carpet in Melbourne?

For your kid’s room, you want the very best carpet in Melbourne. But how to choose safe materials for the carpets? What about maintenance and cleaning? Read more.

How to choose a kid-friendly carpet in Melbourne?

Let’s be honest: kids can be messy. Therefore, as a parent with kids in the house, you must protect your flooring from the mess, such as spills, stains and scratches.

Choose the correct type of carpet. This will help make home maintenance and housework a breeze, ensuring that your kids have a good time playing around.

Why does carpeting your kids’ room make sense?

Carpeting your kid’s room is a fantastic idea because carpets can help keep the room clean. They are best when it comes to reducing allergens. Plus, they can help save your expensive hard floors from permanent marks and stains.

Pros of using carpets in a household with kids:

  • Protect your kids if they fall
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot
  • Can be more personalised
  • Easy to change or replace

Cons of using carpets in a household with kids:

  • May attract dust and dirt
  • Wear down easily
  • Hard to clean

Choosing the right carpet for your kids’ room 

Certain carpet fibres, colours and styles best suit your kids’ rooms. To pick the right solution, you must consider different factors. Consider the following tips when looking for kid-friendly carpet flooring:

1. Select a friendly material

Whether in the bedroom or playroom, kids and stains go hand-in-hand. From finger paintings to food spills, it’s common for a kid’s carpet to wear and tear. Choosing the suitable carpet material for kids can ease the pain of cleaning the carpet.

Since dirt and other debris might be tracked inside, pick a stain-resistant and durable carpet. Nylon and polyester are two excellent carpet materials for kids’ rooms. They are cheap, abrasion-resistant and come in various styles and colours.  Natural materials like wool also do a great job of repelling stains but are expensive.

2. Pick a mid-tone colour

Light-coloured carpets may look beautiful, but they are not practical when you have kids in the house. Light colours can show soiling more easily than dark colours. At the same time, dark colours can show lint and dust more often.

This makes mid-toned carpets an ideal choice for your little ones’ rooms. Neutral colours, such as brown, grey and cream, accompany every wall colour and décor style. Additionally, they also do a great job at camouflaging dirt and marks.

3. Find the right carpet pile

Different carpet piles have other properties. For example, loop pile carpets are hard-wearing and are likely to show tracking. At the same time, cut-down or plush carpets are softer than loop carpets. Still, they are more likely to show tracking over some time.

So, opting for the same carpet pile in the hall or adjacent rooms doesn’t make any sense. While cut banks are ideal for your kids’ bedrooms, other rooms, such as playrooms, halls and living rooms, go well with loop carpets.

4. Consider the out-gassing of chemicals

Responsible parents are concerned about synthetic carpeting, which can emit chemical gases like formaldehyde and styrene. However, not all synthetic carpets are considered prime sources of dangerous chemicals. Polyester, nylon and triexta are safe carpeting materials.

If you are concerned about air quality, choose your carpet based on the manufacturer’s air quality specifications. Avoid using chemical spray treatments during or after the carpet flooring installation. Also, keep the room well-ventilated.

5. Invest in a kid-friendly carpet style

While the perfect carpet for kids is yet to be invented, there are a few carpet styles you might be interested in. One of these styles includes a traditional cut pile. It is comfy, warm and cheap, making it a standard technique for kids to play on.

Multilevel carpets are another excellent option for hiding imperfections, such as spills and tracks. They offer durability and have the best chance of lasting in your little ones’ bedrooms.

The bottom line

Take your time when choosing a kid-friendly carpet. The process may take a little while, but it will be worth it in the end. If you need clarification on which carpet is best for your kids, talk to us directly. One of our carpeting experts will happily provide you with sound recommendations.

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