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Rugs 28/03/2019

Four Secrets To Keeping Your Wool And Shag Rugs In Top Condition

Rugs make any Melbourne home look beautiful. Make sure your shag and wool rugs look their best for decades to come by implementing the following tips.

Four Secrets To Keeping Your Wool And Shag Rugs In Top Condition

Rugs can make any house feel like a home, and they instantly add warmth, colour, and style in every room you place them. If you’ve invested in a quality floor rug from a reputable Melbourne rugs supplier, you’ll know that it can last for years as long as you give it the right care and attention. If you’re concerned that stains, spills and daily life are wearing your wool and shag pile rugs down, here are four tips to prevent temporary messes from becoming permanent eyesores.

1. Nip Every Day Messes In the Butt

It’s a fact of life that at some point you’ll spill something on your rug. To keep it from permanently staining, do the following as soon as possible:

  • Use a dry towel to blot up the excess liquid by pressing it into the spill. Use a dry section of the same towel (or a new one) every time you blot.
  • Pour Soda water onto the stained area and wait for it to settle and stop fizzing.
  • Blot the area again with a dry towel – this will pick up the remaining residue.

Whatever you do, don’t rub the mark in an attempt to scrub it out. It will only spread the stain deeper in the fibres, making it impossible to remove.

2. Avoid Placing Heavy Items On It

Heavy items such as tables, pot plants, dressers, beds or the like can damage your floor rug. A rug’s fibres will remain bent and pressed down if repeatedly forced in the wrong direction, and they could fall out or become matted. When they’re made, wool and shag pile rugs are hand knotted or tufted at specific angles. Once damaged, the natural pattern is ruined, and can’t be fixed.

3. Change The Way You Vacuum

You shouldn’t vacuum your rugs more than twice a month. When you do vacuum, the direction you use matters. Vacuum it from side to side, not end to end. Vacuuming end to end pulls up the fringe while vacuuming side to side keeps the fringe in one piece.

4. Remove Pet Hair Like This

Pet hair has a nasty habit of embedding itself within your rug’s fibres, making it very difficult to remove. Vacuums don’t always pick up all of the hair, so you need a better solution. Some elbow grease and a stiff brush (stroking in the direction of carpet’s grain) will do the trick.
Maintaining your rug doesn’t have to be a full-time job, and if you find that you’re stuck, you can always ask a Melbourne rug supplier like Western Distributors for help. We’ll help you keep your rugs looking brand new and spotless all year round.

Want to add carpeting to your residence or workspace? Contact Western Distributors today.

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