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Carpet 21/04/2020

Buying a carpet for a living room: Know your options

From loop pile to twist pile, loop to wool, every carpet style has its characteristics. But which carpet style is best for your living room? Here is an article that will help you decide.

Buying a carpet for a living room: Know your options

When you are choosing a carpet for a living room, the first thing you need to consider is which type or style is the right choice for you. As there are many carpet styles available in the market, choosing the most suitable carpet for your living room can be a little overwhelming. Therefore, we are here to help you find the best carpet for your space.

Through our extensive experience in carpets, we have listed the top 5 carpet options that are suitable for a living room. Let’s have a look at these options:

Twist pile carpet

A twist pile carpet is a great choice for a high-traffic area because it tackles heavy domestic use with ease. This carpet is soft, which makes it very cosy underfoot. As a hardwearing carpet, it does not stain as easily as some other carpets do. This carpet is robust and long-lasting because of its deep twist pile. With a high-quality twist pile carpet, you can have both – style and functionality in your living room.

Plush pile carpet

Plush carpet is one of the most luxurious options for your living room. This carpet type is visually appealing and brings both elegance and cosines to your living space. Sometimes known as velvet carpet, a plush pile carpet is slightly twisted. It is comfortable and suitable for heavy foot traffic areas.

Loop carpet

Loop carpet is another option you should consider for your living space. It has yarns looped on the carpet surface that create a stylish finish with a soft and smooth feel. Also, it is trackless, which means it won’t show any vacuum marks or footprints. This carpet has strength and soil hiding capabilities which make it ideal for heavy traffic areas including living rooms.

Textured carpet

Textured carpets are one of the most popular styles of carpet because of the way they are made. When the cut pile process is combined with the twisted pile, it results in an extremely hard-wearing carpet which is less likely to show up dirt, tracks or dents. Therefore, textured carpets are a good option for high traffic areas or houses where there are kids or pets.

So, which carpet style is best suited for your living room? Choose your carpet type and enhance your living room’s appearance and functionality.

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