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Carpet 12/12/2023

Biggest carpet trends 2024: Western Distributors’ top picks

If you are looking to renovate or design your home in 2024, read on to discover the top trends that are going to take over the world of carpet flooring in Melbourne.

Biggest carpet trends 2024: Western Distributors’ top picks

The often-underestimated heroes of interior design, carpets have the remarkable ability to transform spaces into cosy havens. They play a pivotal role in defining the ambience of a room, acting as a canvas upon which the entire design scheme can unfold. However, people often invest in carpets that can be pretty expensive and boring.

When searching for the most practical rugs and carpets for Australian homes, the key is to keep the latest trends in mind before making any investment. This will help you ensure that you are not pouring money into any outdated carpet flooring in Melbourne.

Top Carpet Flooring Trends 2024

As the New Year is approaching, Western Distributors is sharing the top carpet trends that will take centre stage over the coming months. Whether you tend to gravitate toward classic, neutral or modern pieces, there is a carpet trend for everyone to look forward to. Read on to discover more about these carpet trends in 2024.

1. Maximalism

Interior designs are shifting from minimalist styles to more vibrant and eclectic aesthetics. As a result, maximalist carpet trends are becoming prevalent in home design. Maximalism is all about embracing vibrant colours and an abundance of decorative elements.

One crucial aspect of achieving a maximalist design is choosing the right carpet flooring that enhances the overall aesthetic of your room. Mixing and matching different carpet textures and using metallic accents are some cool maximalist carpet ideas to incorporate into your space in 2024.

2. Monochromatism

Monochromatic colour schemes are a popular trend in textured carpets. This trend usually focuses on clean lines, simple patterns and solid colour tones. The goal is to achieve an uncluttered look that adds sophistication and elegance to any room.

Using monochromatic colour schemes is also a creative way to coordinate with other design elements in the room. This is ideal for those homeowners who prefer a more understated ambience in their homes to create a sense of space and balance.

3. Antique styles

For eye-pleasing bedrooms or living rooms, invest in vintage pieces that can be passed down to generations. They will add so much colour and personality to your space. Plus, vintage carpets are ultra-durable and can hold up well to wear and tear.

When it comes to vintage carpet flooring in Melbourne, Turkish and Persian carpets are among the favourites. After all, they are full of history, culture and aesthetics. These vintage carpet styles can create a natural patina and look like collector’s items.

4. Sustainable materials

With more and more people choosing environmentally friendly carpet materials, eco-consciousness is a huge trend for 2024. Especially when designing commercial or institutional facilities, sustainable carpet materials will certainly be on the minds of designers and buyers more than ever.

Jute, sisal, wool and cotton are perhaps the most on-trend natural materials for carpet flooring in Melbourne. In addition to that, we are likely to see a huge rise in homeowners and businesses buying carpets made from recycled materials, such as polyester.

5. Bold colours

Carpets and rugs are an innovative way to bring bright and bold colours indoors. Western Distributors suggests more and more installation of bold carpets with geometric patterns. You can incorporate vivacious hues to add a wow factor to your home interior in 2024.

However, if you are afraid of adding such a statement, you can opt for a tone that nicely complements the wall colours and integrates cohesiveness.

6. Textural elements

Carpet flooring can be like artwork. Textural elements in carpets have a profound influence on the way a carpet looks and complements interior design.

When it comes to textured carpets in Melbourne, there are several different carpet fibres and piles you can incorporate. For example, you can go with sisal, wool or Quest carpets in Melbourne. Not only are they sustainable, but are also cost-effective and larger.

Wrapping up carpet trends 2024

So, what are your thoughts on these carpet trends? Which one would be the best option for your space in 2024? Whether you are renovating an old home or designing a new one for the year, stay updated with the latest news about carpet flooring in Melbourne. Feel free to contact us for more insights.

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