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Tiles 23/02/2021

10 bathroom tile design inspirations for your next bathroom revamp

If you are planning to revamp your bathroom this year, here are some of the hottest tile design ideas to help you achieve the best look. Check them out!

10 bathroom tile design inspirations for your next bathroom revamp

Are you looking for some chic bathroom tile design inspirations for your next renovation project? Whether you’re planning to make small upgrades or going for a complete overhaul, a bathroom renovation can make a big difference in the look and feel of your bathing space.

Because tiles are highly functional and handy, they are the best choice when it comes to bathroom renovation. Plus, tiles are low maintenance, water-resistant as well as extremely durable in nature.

But revamping your bathroom with a brand-new look isn’t always easy. With so many tile options to choose from, it is often overwhelming to make a final decision. Therefore, we’ve gathered an array of bathroom tile design ideas in this writing piece. Check them out!

Get ready to create the bathroom of your dreams with the following tile design ideas:

Go with the flow with natural stones

Natural elements always look great in any space, including bathrooms. Natural stones and marble tiles are back in style this year. One of the best ways to incorporate natural stone or marble tiles into your bathroom design is by integrating them with the wooden finish floor tiles. For a more eye-pleasing look and elevated functionality, you can consider including a nice-looking bathtub in your bathing area along with natural stone tiles.

Stay chic with matte finish tiles

Over the past few years, the popularity of matte finish tiles has been increasing at a fast pace. This is because the matte finish looks classy and elegant, offering a sleek and low-sheen appearance to floors as well as walls. Plus, matte finish tiles are easy to maintain. These awe-inspiring features or properties can easily enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathing space. So, matte finish tiles can be your go-to for the bathroom revamp.

Choose dimensional tiles for good bathing vibes

These are not just patterns and finishes that are becoming popular and diverse these days. The shapes of bathroom tiles are also changing with time. One of the hottest bathroom tile trends, this year, is dimensional tiles. These tiles are available in a number of geometric shapes. For instance, hexagonal shape is a popular choice for achieving a retro style that’s coming back around.

Don’t be afraid to play with colourful tiles

When it comes to choosing the colour that suits your bathroom design perfectly, there is no specific thumb rule to follow. No need to rely on a single colour family. Instead, feel free to play with different colours to give your bathroom a fresh feel. For instance, a non-repeating colour pattern would infuse your bathroom design with a surge of visual elements.

Be more creative with ceramic tiles

Whether it’s your floor or wall, ceramic tiles are always amazing for your next bathroom renovation project. Versatile in nature, ceramic tiles are one of the most popular trends in our list. You can give your bathroom a custom look and personal touch with graphic patterned styles which will last longer. If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, consider sticking with large ceramic tile planks.

Opt for a neutral colour palette for bathroom

Do you adore a classic bathroom design? If so, you will definitely love a neutral colour palette in your bathroom. Neutral colours are back in-vogue and will be the right choice for your bathroom renovation this year. Apply a neutral colour palette to your bathroom tile if you’d like to keep your walls simple yet chic. This will create a charming and versatile bathroom interior in return.

Have patterned blue tiles on the wall

For a serene look or a spa-like feel, choose blue walls in your bathroom. Though blue has been one of the most popular colours when it comes to bathroom design, it had disappeared as of late. However, the indigo and turquoise colours are back with the bang again. Go for tiles that are available in different shades and hues of blue to give your bathroom a stylish edge that leaves a positive impact.

Give a lasting impression with herringbone tiles

The herringbone pattern is among the most amazing tile trends of the year. It is a simple yet elegant option for both floors and walls, providing a classic look that can truly transform your bathroom into a sleek space. In addition, we recommend you to go with the long-plank herringbone pattern for a super stylish bathroom design that will likely last the rest of the time.

Make sure you complement the paint colour

Whether your floor tiles or wall tiles, make sure you sync everything. I’m talking about the colour and tone of your bathroom. Choose a tile colour that best suits your interior and keeps everything balanced. From the curtains to wallpapers, every aspect should complement the design of your bathroom. Also, don’t overdo anything.

Attain the timelessness with wooden effect tiles

Our last pick is wooden plank tiles that are gaining immense popularity these days. They look elegant while accommodating a number of home interiors. You can easily customise the size and shape of wood effect tiles to match your bathroom design. Though they contain the elegance of European oak timber flooring in Melbourne, these tiles are water-resistant and more durable than any wooden floor.

Summing up

So these were the tile design inspirations you need to design the bathroom of your dreams this year. We hope you liked this article and found it informative. When it comes to the hottest bathroom tile trends, we make sure you’re getting ample unique options that will likely stick around for years to come.

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